Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something Eggy... ...

Hi friends,

Long time no see! Today, the stars of this blog are my crochet eggs! I used a 4mm crochet needle and 8 ply Craft Yarn, some eyes and some key rings.

This is Jack, he loves the colour green. Unfortunately, he is laied as a blue egg so he dyed his hair green. Because of the length of his hair, some eggs say he looks like a spring onion. Espeacially his sisters. Even I agree, do you? He is very smart, he always gets an A* in his eggygarten tests. He wishes to be a teacher when he grows up.

This is Violet, she is the oldest among the three. She loves taking care of her younger siblings and helping her mother make sure they are present at all times. Her favourite pastimes are singing and dancing. Although, her singing is not every good, she wishes to be a singer when she grows up.

This is Saffy, the youngest of them all. She is very shy and always needs her older brother's help to speak up to others. She is very close to Jack that is because she is his twin sister. No one would believe that they are twins because of their personalities. She loves dancing as much as her sister and she learns from her. Her dream is to be a ballerina and dance in front of an audience, if only she is brave enough!
What a happy family!

Tune in to more of my crochet amigurumis. Bye for now! See you again next time! Good-bye!

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