Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Thousand Pieces


lt's nice to meet ya again. l'll show you what my father and l made yesterday. lt took four whole days to complete it - it's a puzzle with one thousand pieces!!! lt was hard to complete it but very fun. The picture below is how it looks like when the puzzle was done.

This was how it goes :

First, we sort out the puzzle by the colours.

Next, we see if we can find a matching pair...... Hmmmmm........

We're almost done, we put the finshing touches and......


And, almost there......

And...... Finally..... Done!!!

Yeah!!!! Puzzle finish!!!

Stay tunned to more of my post and I hope you enjoyed them. Bye.

Monday, June 15, 2009

What Time Is lt - Summer Time

Hello everyone,

The weather is shinning brightly out there. It is very hot and humid in Singapore.

Last week, we went shopping and bought a pair of summer slippers and a sling bag. They are all purple, to match each other.

Don't they make a good match???

l love my purple Animal sling and purple silppers!!!

Stay tunned to more posts at Little Jayne's Flower Crafty Corner, bye-bye.

Bookmarks for Bookworms and Coasters for Cookers

Hello everyone,

I will show you some of my crochet FOs - bookmarks and a coaster.

I love reading, how about you? lf you do, you'd like these handy little bookmarks.
My bookmarks are very handy and fast to make. The method l use is the same as granny squares. l crochet them some tails so that it is easier to find where l'd stop the last time.

They looks like this:

How'd you like them? One for each of the family - smallest (the cream and grey) for me, medium (the pink, red and grey) for mummy and lastly, the biggest (the blue, orange and cream) for daddy.

My mum loves cooking and baking, so l made her a cup-sized coaster for a start.

She tried placing a cup of hot coco on it but the cup was too big for the coaster l made for her.

l decided to give it to my father to place his plants on it. And it can fit, l will do more for all his little plants. My father loves the beautiful colours on the coaster.

lnstead of a cup-sized coaster, it is a plant-sized coaster.

Hope you have enjoyed my bookmarks for bookworms and coasters for cookers or mabey coasters for cactis. Stay tuned for more craft done by me in Little Jayne's Flower Crafty Coner.

Do not stop crafting!!! See ya later!!! Bye for now!!!