Friday, August 1, 2008

Something Special

Three days ago,I wanted to knit a belt so my mum gave me a colourful ball of yarn to knit with. I started with 14 cast-on stiches and I continued going on until I thought of an idea , which is to give my belt a special patten. My special patten is to knit 40 rows. Then , I started to cast-off and make it thinner. After that, I knit 16 rows and begin to cast-on until I get 14 stiches again. I will keep repeating the same thing until I get my size.

This is how it turn-up today :

Yum Yum Banana Popsicle

Just last week, I made another popsicle and I name it 'Bananarama', cause it is tastier than the watermelon one and it is made out of bananas.

Here's how it looks like :

The steps for making this popsicle are the same as the watermelon popsicle, just that I used the fruit banana.

Homemade Ice-lollies

Last month, I tried making ice-lollies with my ice-lolli making kit, it was my birthday present.

I tried out with watermelon-lollies, here's how it look like :

Step 1 : I put chunks of watermelon into the juicer.

Step 2 : After I blend the chunks, I pour the juice and the little bits of watermelon into four containers.

Step 3 : Then I place them into the freezer for a day or two.

Step 4 : I took it out and enjoy it on a hot day.