Sunday, September 7, 2008

Something For My Barbie Girl

My pretty little Barbie Girl.............

I have knitted a Wrap and a Headband for my Doll.

It looks like this:Barbie says, " I love my wrap!!!!!!!!! I love my headband too!!!!!!! Pretty Cool!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!! "


CROWN 4 PLY Acrylic
INOX 3 mm


My Own

Friday, August 1, 2008

Something Special

Three days ago,I wanted to knit a belt so my mum gave me a colourful ball of yarn to knit with. I started with 14 cast-on stiches and I continued going on until I thought of an idea , which is to give my belt a special patten. My special patten is to knit 40 rows. Then , I started to cast-off and make it thinner. After that, I knit 16 rows and begin to cast-on until I get 14 stiches again. I will keep repeating the same thing until I get my size.

This is how it turn-up today :

Yum Yum Banana Popsicle

Just last week, I made another popsicle and I name it 'Bananarama', cause it is tastier than the watermelon one and it is made out of bananas.

Here's how it looks like :

The steps for making this popsicle are the same as the watermelon popsicle, just that I used the fruit banana.

Homemade Ice-lollies

Last month, I tried making ice-lollies with my ice-lolli making kit, it was my birthday present.

I tried out with watermelon-lollies, here's how it look like :

Step 1 : I put chunks of watermelon into the juicer.

Step 2 : After I blend the chunks, I pour the juice and the little bits of watermelon into four containers.

Step 3 : Then I place them into the freezer for a day or two.

Step 4 : I took it out and enjoy it on a hot day.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a crochet ribbon

I crocheted this to wear to school. My school allows only black, white and blue for girl's hair accessories. I can wear it to school!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Step by Step

My first time using a rotary cutter, to cut out a linning for my coin purse.

Slow and easy makes prefect cutting.

My mummy hand sew the linning and zip onto the purse .

See, this is my first knit coin purse, 4.5 " x 3.5", using Butterfly Mercerized Cotton, Super 10, with a pair of 4mm dpns. I mix and match the colours and holds 2 colours together crochet a chain.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A cute ring

My mummy knits this, it is supposed to be the "leg" of this little guy. I love it, so cute.

I crochet a chain using the tail yarn. It becomes a ring for me!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Origami Box

Here's a box for my mummy to put her knitting yarn and double pointed needles while not in use. I use a large, strong rectangular piece of paper for folding.
The pastel green baby yarn is mummy's favourite colour. She uses it to knit the #4 preemie hat.
Bloosm, Buttercup and Bubbles are my favourite Powerpuff Girls.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Last day of 2007

Hi there,

It is the last day of 2007 and my mummy and I are spending this day at East Coast Park. l brought along my kid's scooter to whiz along the path while carring my dear little chicks in my little shoulder sling furry crochet handbag which my mum did it for me. Mummy is so sweet to let me use it for my little chicks.

What!! Little chicks in the bag!!! That may be what you think but nope, they are not real chicks, they are - Tamagochis.

Don't they look like eggs to you, but l call them chicks 'coz they are little animals that hatch out from eggs. This is the 2nd version of Tamagochi which my Auntie Agnes gave them to me.

Ahh... ... Such a nice cozy family of my things in my handbag. My 'chicks' sure made a lovely team.

Stay tunned to more latest posts in Little Jayne's Flower Crafty Corner. Good-bye, see you soon.